My life.
oh, whatever.
I've just stopped believing long ago.
Wednesday, October 7, 2009
Back to blog for once after so many months.

I want complain complain and complain!!!

Work has been hell as always. MrTan says everyone is too free at work hence, start finding trouble with each other, AND I TOTALLY AGREE!!

Wad's wrong man?!! I really dun understand. I went on MC, they nagged, i took leave they nagged as well. And for goodness sake, I did not make up any LAME FUCKING DAMN CRAPPY EXCUSES for my Medical Leave. I am really sick and if you guys dunno, pls dun try and bullshit behind my back! So wad if i took MC once every month?! you may complain to the boss, complain to MOM!! FYI, We, employees are entitled to 14 days of medical leave per year. I want to use it, i wan to save it, its my own problem, none of your MOFO problems!

Moreover, you are a superior, OUR SUPERIOR, and you shouldn't go bitching around with your khaki about your subordinates. Where the hell is your working ethics?!

Before I went on leave, i try to finish everything I can in order to lighten your workload. I even stay in the office till 630 just to sort out all those documents for you. Then i stick post-it notes on every set of documents to remind you what have to be done. Yet, today, when i reach office, you told me you have did none, i repeat, NONE of my stuffs. Then, for what i still do everything nicely for you to tie up the ends?!! And you still can ask me, "take leave don't need to inform us?!" So, wad's the office scheduler system for?! tell me about it. and she added, "lucky i never take leave, i wanted to as well." like W-T-F. How bitchy can someone be.

Working life's a Bitch now. But I guess I should be happy that other than work, everything else are going really well for me.

I want to change job, i need a change of environment.

July it shall be.

XOXO, Love.
12:58 PM

Tuesday, February 17, 2009



Can You Feel My World
Can You Take My Hands
Can You Feel My World


I keep on comin' back for more yo
跑不掉 逃不了怎么面带着微笑
一直率 一直撑着我再一次祷告

XOXO, Love.
8:45 AM

Monday, February 16, 2009
V'day is over, Love is floating off the air now.
Everyone, pls keep your love away.

No roses, no candlelit dinner, but just a LV. (:
i've forgot to blog that he paid part of my LV wallet as well.
and he said its my V'day present.

A simple seafood meal at Newton,
and Dempsey hill for Bens and Jerry's ice-cream,
despite having terrible headache.
Thats how we celebrate our day.
Afterall, V'day is not as important as anniversaries and our birthdays.

Thanks for everything...
the good,
the bad,
the memories,
the lies,
the pain,
the love.

girlfriend once said, "The pain of losing Mr. A is 5 times of losing Mr. B."
I should have felt that too isnt it?

XOXO, Love.
12:38 PM

Monday, February 9, 2009
V'day is round the corner.
I didn't realised it until one of my friends told me when I asked her if want to meet up.
Can see how much V'day meant to me eh?

I just dun understand wad's so great about celebrating V'day with your other half when he has disappoint you again and again? Females are just dumb, why give them the chance to hurt you repeatedly when you know they are not going to change? when you know they will be like this forever?


This idiom is there for a purpose right? Pls wake up your idea!!!! if giving him 1 chance and he is not going to change, then, THAT IS IT! He will not and never learn from his mistake. Females out there, pls wake up your idea, there will be someone better out there!

Girlfriends, pls wake up as well. There are really better guys out there who will treasure you girls. (:


XOXO, Love.
3:50 PM

Friday, February 6, 2009
i am feeling damn emo.
i am feeling damn emo..
i am feeling damn emo...
i am feeling damn emo....
i am feeling damn emo.....
i am feeling damn emo......
i am feeling damn emo.......
i am feeling damn emo........
i am feeling damn emo.........
i am feeling damn emo.......... yesterday.


I think I'm really suffering from depression. I can be very happy this morning, but the next moment, I feel that my world is tearing apart. HAHAHA. Alright, quite drama but it's true. When I've assured myself that everything is going fine but the next moment, I feel that everything is going against me! Then, I will keep pondering and have weird thoughts in my mind. Then after, I'll be emo! Pls tell me everything that's happening to me IS normal. PLS PLS PLS~! say yes even if it's not! HAHA.

Nth can make me really happy now, not even friends, girlfriends, boyfriend, new car nor LV!!! Although insomnia have been staying away from me these few days, but I'm still tired. I keep having weird dreams or should I say NIGHTMARES?! I've been losing weight since one month ago! I can't grow fatter! I think I'm too stressed. I NEED TO ATTEND STRESS MANAGEMENT COURSES or should I just visit the Psychologist? HA HA, kidding~ things are not that serious isn't it?

Actually, its cause of............... PMS!!!!!!!

HA HA HA!!! im not having depression, not to worry man! :D But i really want to grow fatter. I need fats more than anything else now!

p/s: Fats, pls come to me. Thanks.

XOXO, Love.
2:14 PM

Thursday, February 5, 2009

A very nice Coach bag with very nice colour. I want it very much, but I want my neverfull more. LOL.

you once wrote:
am i going to believe you now?
i wanted to... but its hard.
very hard.

XOXO, Love.
1:14 PM

你笑着说 他是朋友

我的不安 那么沉重

所以你说 我们

是我想太多 你总这样说
是我想太多 我也这样说

虽然你不说 都是错在我
太晚我才懂 爱了你太多

XOXO, Love.
9:09 AM

A brand new day, a brand new life, for us. (:

24 Dec '87

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